“I prayed and first bowed down to Allah. I felt peace, calm, clean, and out of this world.”

“I was very interested and wanted to know more about this religion as the sajda (prostration) was a strange position which I found funny. I watched this many times until I joined a congregation. My heart wanted to test the sajda and I wanted to see how I would feel. So, when I prayed and first bowed down to Allah, I felt peace, calm, clean, and out of this world. This was the moment of change. My heart became attached to the masjid as I felt an unexplainable peace and it even helped me to focus on my English work. I became addicted to the salah and I always wanted to go to the masjid not only for work, but just so I could experience the peace again.” 

Yahya (John), a China-born UK resident revert.

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/official_jxz/

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