O Allah, gather us with our families in Jannah.

There is no single family in this world that is perfectly without any problems. Husband and wife, siblings, parents and children, all of them must have their ups and downs from time to time. They argue and they fight. They even stop talking to each other at times. 

But, hold on. 

In the end, family is family. The love will almost always be there. Let’s make du’a so that we can all  gather again in the eternal life, in Jannah. Ameen.

Looking beyond the Smiles: Understanding the emotional needs of the Muslim reverts

Upon saying the shahadah, many of their born Muslim brethren would ritually come to them to give their sweetest smiles, their biggest hugs and kisses while saying “MasyaAllah, you have chosen Islam. You are now our brother (or sister)!”. They will even give their contact numbers and invite the new reverts to their homes, offering help, advice, counseling etc.

That seems like a very memorable and nice moment for the revert, right?

But most of the time, it will just end there!

The reverts will most likely end up walking to their new life practically alone, to a new world, a new way of seeing things and a new journey of self discovery. Not knowing what to do and who to trust, they are just like a child wandering around in a big city, alone.

They probably will never go to the homes of other fellow Muslim, and will never get any calls from them.

For all the many people who claimed  to be their brothers and sisters, they probably end up  celebrating their eids and breaking their fast alone. Some people in the Muslim community might even consider them strangers, leaving them with  the pain of rejection. 

They have made a big decision to become a Muslim, yet many of us are unaware of their  predicament. You may sense this when you look beyond their smiles, what can you see? Think about it!

Sri Lanka tragedy

Sri Lanka tragedy

Anyone who says the Quran advocates terrorism obviously hasn’t read its lessons on violence. Misconceptions about Islam creep in because people learn about the faith from headline news rather than from the Quran and the Prophet. Read the Quran, read a biography of Muhammad, seek out the true Islam education campaign.

Islam presents the real peace for the whole of mankind. We do not claim that Islam is the only religion which presents peace nor do we claim a monopoly on the truth. But Islam stands out because the very name of Islam literally means peace. It presents the message of peace with full clarity and profound wisdom. Islam means submission to the will and command of God and through following its teachings, people can enjoy the peace of all times.

This savagery and murder cannot be tolerated by any religion nor anyone with conscience. Islam condemn murder regardless of the victims’ religions. Our hearts goes out to the victims of the Sri Lanka tragedy and their loved ones.

Trials & Tribulations? Nope, they are blessings

Trials & Tribulations? Nope, they are blessings 🙂

Each one of us is given different trials by Allah

Each one of us is given different trials by Allah

Some are tested with lack of properties, while others are tested with the very properties they have.  Some are tested with hardship in achieving their dreams, while others are tested with the very living of their dreams.

No matter who you are, remember that this life is a test. A real test, and the hardest. It will decide your place in the Hereafter, FOREVER. Scary, huh?

Yet, how lucky we are to have Allah, the most Merciful and Forgiving. With every test He gives, there are blessings in it. You just need to take a deep breath, and believe in Him. Since every test  comes from Him, every solution should come from Him too. And know that trials are signs of His love, including trials He gave to all His prophets.

If you’re stuck with a problem of which there seems to be no way out, remember that Yunus a.s got stuck in the belly of a whale.

If  you’re betrayed by someone you love, remember that Yussuf a.s was betrayed by his own brothers.

If you’re ill and the pain feels too much to bear, remember Ayyub a.s was ill for a very long time of his life.

If you’re slandered for things you didn’t do, Muhammad s.a.w himself was  and is still being slandered as a liar.

Trials will drive you to or away from Allah. The choice is yours.

Take a lesson of patience and perseverance from them. Look at how they took all the trials as  blessings. For in the end, there’s no one you should please except Allah, as He is the One and Only judge worth pleasing and submitted to.


Lost then found, then lost again: A Muslim Revert Journey

Lost then found, then lost again:  A Muslim Revert Journey

Miserable.Confused. Lost.

“Who am I actually? A Muslim revert or a half Muslim? What am I going to do now? Why am I alone? Why is everything so hard? Who should I call? Why do I feel stuck? Is it going to be easier later?”…

Believe it or not, this is what mostly a Muslim revert will have to go through in some stage of their life after reverting to Islam. They were once lost, in one stage of their life. Not having the answers to questions like “Why are we here in this world? What are the purposes of our life? Who created us?” etc.

And then they found Islam.

All of those large questions have been answered. All of their confusions have been cleared. They finally found the one main puzzle that was once lost in their life, Allah. They found the miracles in Quran. They found happiness in following the beautiful sunnah of the prophet, and everything seems so nice, which they just feel like they have received a bouquet of roses.


But apparently, no rose is without a thorn.

Many of them will feel lost – again. Surrounded by Muslims, but no one to ask for help. Alone, in the new world, environment and community, with so many things to learn, it’s really not easy for them. The Muslims are too busy with their families and born Muslim friends, ignoring these new so-called “brother or sister”. Putting a really high expectation to these newly reverts to follow Islamic teaching, doing all the things that you, as a born Muslim has been doing since you were a kid. So is it fair for them?

If you get to know any of the new Muslim reverts, help them. Even by being a good listener will help them a lot. Most of them don’t have families to lend an ear as to the routine difficulties their new daily life entails, such as on how hard to memorize Al-Fatihah, how hard to fast in their first Ramadan and how hard learning the Arabic letters.

Try to appreciate their efforts, be with them, give them a hand. Don’t make them feel once again lost in their yet new found world.

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Street Dawah Experience in Bangkok


During the Regional Youth Convention 2018 (RYC2018) in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the activities that we had to carry out was to perform street dawah in the area near the hotel.


The slot began after lunch with Brother Muhammad and Brother Ali introducing themselves and briefing us about the activity.  Then they divided us into five groups of brothers and five groups of sisters.


Group 1 was assigned to The Mall, Group 2 and 4 to The Major Hollywood, whilst Group 3 and 5 to Huamark Town Center.


Brother Ali led our group to the location as not everyone in the group is local and most were unaware of the location.  He later briefed us on what we should and should not do.


Our team of 5 sisters consisted of 3 Thai people, myself from Malaysia and another sister named Nhada from the Philippines.  The majority of the Thai people could not speak in English, thus we decided to separate the tasks in our team into 2 groups. The foreigners in the group were tasked with recording the activity because we couldn’t speak in Thai and the locals were tasked with approaching the passersby with the assigned question.


The first thing we had to do was to ask to the passersby “Who Is Muhammad”.  When we first approached 2 ladies, they refused to be interviewed thus we proceeded with the next lady – a cleaner.  To our surprise, she was born a Muslim but she no longer practises Islam.

One Of The Correspondent


Sister Afnan, the girl who did the interviewed got teary-eyed as she listened to the explanation given by the interviewee.  Sister Afnan instantly felt blessed to receive protection and hidayah from Allah – that she is still a practising Muslim.  We later proceeded to interview another local who is one of the vendors in the mall.


She explained she never heard of Muhammad (the question we were assigned to ask) and Sister Afnan took the opportunity to explain about our beloved prophet during that brief period.  At the same time, two members of our group interviewed a brother who is a Muslim.


He explained that Prophet Muhammad was the husband of Khadijah, that he was known as Al-Ameen and was a prophet.


The sisters later shared that initially they approached different people and got rejected before they managed to interview one brother who was willing to participate by sharing his answers.



Through this activity, we learn to appreciate the blessing of guidance by Allah, to be able to practise Islam accordingly and to be free from being tested with situations that strayed us away from practising Islam.  We also appreciate the opportunity to perform street dawah in Bangkok; some scholars believe dawah should be done like how the Prophet and Sahabah used to do; from door to door. Thus street dawah reflects this practice somehow.


May Allah guide us all in His path, always.


يَا مُقَلِّبَ الْقُلُوبِ ثَبِّتْ قَلْبِي عَلَى دِينِكَ وَ عَلَى طَاعَتِكَ

“O Turner of the hearts, make my heart firm upon Your Religion.”

Shaikh Albanee declared this hadeeth to be Saheeh in Saheeh at Tirmidhee (2140)




-End of our journal in Bangkok-