“What Islam is All About”: We aim to share the true and original teachings of Islam

based on al-Quran and the teachings of the Prophet with the ultimate objective of transforming the world that we live in today into a better place for all.

Our Concern

Islamophobia? Islam promotes terrorism? Should new Muslims change their name upon conversion? Interested in Islam? New to Islam? Learning Islam? What Islam is all about?

Today is the age of misunderstanding and misinformation about Islam, especially in the digital world.

The public portrayal of Islam has been very misleading: this is because of the Muslims themselves who tend to associate and integrate their foreign cultural baggage with Islam, the bias media, and ignorant individuals who misrepresent Islam to advance their own political and business agendas.

What About You?

If you are a non-Muslim who is curious about Islam, you will want to be enlightened of the truth despite what the media portrays Islam to be.

You might be a new Muslim who wish to learn more about Islam. You want to overcome the difficulties and settle the confusions of being a Muslim revert.

You might be interested in Islam and wish to be convinced more. Or, you are firm enough with your knowledge and you want to know how to become a Muslim.

Our Commitment

In The GOOD TIDINGS, we share the true and original teachings of Islam, based on al-Quran and the teachings of the Prophet.

We are passionate in covering broad sections about Islam, including current and trending issues from the Islamic perspective that are happening around the world.

We believe that with the right understanding, Islam could be made simple for you comprehend and put into practice; to get it right, light and polite.

Meet Our Team

We give our best commitment

to provide you with the best Islamic content presentation on the net.

Emeritus Professor Dato' Abang Abdullah Abang Ali

Founder. Advisor. Chief Editor.

Abang Abdullah is an Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia, President of the Malaysian Society of Engineering & Technology & Chairman, Board of Advisers, World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Malaysia. He was the President, Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries & Institution of Engineers, Malaysia. He was a Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers, United Kingdom & Honorary Adviser, Malaysian Building Association, Malaysia. He is an Honorary Fellow, ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations, Honorary Member (Academician), Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, & Adviser, Saudi Council of Engineers. Active in voluntary work to help the poor & downtrodden, he strongly believes that the world can be made a better place for all, if only we agree to return to the good universal principles & moral values.

Farwina Faroque

Project Manager

Farwina is a Tamil Muslim, whose name originates from the word Parveen/ Parvin which means the Pleiades (constellation of stars). She is the President of MIZAN and the Manager of HIKMAH, Wilayah Persekutuan, a Malaysian Islamic NGO. An active instagrammer, xenophile and chummy. Passionately advocates for unity; believing that there is strength in diversity, that can only be achieved through mutual respect and understanding, and fiercely advocates for women’s rightful position in society and that women are built with all the potential to bring out the best in humanity.

Mastura Mas'ud

Financial Volunteer

Mastura, an Accountant by training, is responsible in crunching numbers and transforming digits into easy-to-read, meaningful reports. Mastura believes that changing the world must begin with the change in our own self. She loves traveling the world and traversing the nature to explore new discoveries, learn new things and meet new people. Based on her personality test, Mastura is people-oriented and friendly but colleagues and friends often see her as a woman who is mysterious and aloof.

Syuaib Supani


Syuaib, who works best from behind the scene, is the Research and Publication Executive. A graduate with double majors in both the fields of religious study and biotechnology, he is also the Vice President for Malaysian Youth Association of Harmony, leading the movement of over 2,000 youths nationwide. He is also actively participating in other NGOs and engaging various civil society groups, holding the firm belief that a combination of universal values together with regular and social media engagements is the key for a better world.

Ahmad Fathi Abd Jalil

Digital Content Producer

A graduate from International Islamic University of Malaysia, Fathi serves as a Digital Content Producer with a big passion for graphic design and video editing. Previously working as a teacher, he is a man who really loves to share the beauty and positive side of humanity through creativity.

Prof Dr Amriah Buang


Dr. Amriah Buang B.A. (Malaya), M.A. (Massey), Ph.D. (Manchester) was a Professor in Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, who seeks to contribute to the democratization of knowledge. Mindful of the Islamic Khaldunian heritage in the genesis of modern social sciences and humanities, she strives to bring the non-secular conversation back in studying, understanding and addressing the human conditions. An ardent believer in integrated, contextualised and holistic understanding of societies and civilizations, her research interests span economic, ethnological, ecological, development and gender issues and challenges. She has three decades of experience in social activism and is currently the Presiden of IMAN (Interactive Muslimah Association). She is the founder of Negara Kita Tanggung Jawab Kita (Our Country Our Responsibility), a platform that seeks to bring Malaysians into the forefront of responsible nation stewardship.

Email: profamriah@dogood.com.my

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