They became Muslims after 9/11

Today marks 18 years after the tragedy of 9/11 shook the world.  A tragedy no one would want to be reminded of, a tragedy that lead the world to point fingers to the Muslim community all over the world, and especially to those in America who had to bear the heat waves of hatred, accusation and harassment incurred by those who misunderstood Islam.

Who would’ve thought that anyone would ever want to make peace with Islam after that, especially these figures who have worked with people and met the ‘terrorists’ themselves.

Yvonne Ridley

is a British journalist who was  chairman of the National Council of the now-defunct Respect Party.  She was once abducted by the Taliban – the misrepresentative group of so-called Muslim fighters who represented nothing much that Islam taught it’s followers.

She took shahadah after 9/11 and was voted the “most recognisable woman in the Islamic world” by Islam Online in 2008.

Lauren Booth

is an English broadcaster, journalist and activist.  She took shahadah in 2010, a few years after her visit to Palestine.

She became patron for several charity organizations, and actively advocating for peace and rights to practise Islam until today.

Do you know anyone who became Muslim after 9/11?  Share with us!

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