The beauty of Sabr

The beauty of Sabr
When everything didn’t go according to your plan, when the person you trusted the most stabbed you in the back, when you lose the apple of your eye, and many other bad things that hit you right in your face.

Sabr. Be Patience, as sabr is beautiful.

But, how can sabr be beautiful when the very essence of sabr entails enduring rough times? It’s so easy to say sabr, yet it is the hardest thing to do when it is needed the most.

Sabr is tough.

Even the prophets got tired of their afflictions and cried out “When will the help of Allah arrive?”, to which Allah replied “Help is near”. The truth is, sabr is never easy as it sound.

But, Allah has already said that “He does not burden a soul with more than it can endure”. So why do we worry too much, when the Lord Himself said the test given will never be over the limit. When everything seems lost to you, the faith in Him, and sabr, will create a bonding that doesn’t exist during the time of ease.

Believe me, you never cry so hard when no test comes to you. But during the time of hardship, when in your sujood, you ask and beg Him to help you out of the misery , that is the time when your tears will drop.

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Sabr is to keep going, to keep enduring knowing that being strong is the only option. Sabr is to drag yourself to your prayers even when you truly can’t be bothered to pray. Sabr is to think well of Allah during hardships. Sabr is to try to ignore those negative suggestions from the devil that nothing will ever help your situation, that your life will always suck. That your sick child won’t get better, that your mother will remain unwell forever, that you’ll never find a job you love, that you’ll never find true happiness, that you’ll never get over a trauma in your life. These are some examples of trials and tribulations that people have to deal with at one point in their life that bring them to their knees and cry.

And no one is perfect. It’s okay to break down and cry.

But know this. Once you fall, there is no other choice but to pick yourself up again. And trust me, you will fall, many times. You will fall in dealing with your job, your family, and your health. It never ends. But keep going, not because it doesn’t hurt but because you put your trust in Allah, and He’ll never abandon you as long as you don’t give up.

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In the end, at some stage in your life, you may be looking back at all of those tests which, with the blessings of your sabr , have kept you on the right track all along. By Allah, sabr is beautiful because sabr is worth all the good that comes with it.

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