There’s never been a day where I stop making du’a during sujood in my every prayer asking Allah to make it easy for me and my husband to visit His Holy Land.

It wasn’t just any du’a. It was a specific du’a; detailing when I would want Allah to grant me my wish. I said,

“O, Allah! Please make it easy for me and my husband to visit Your Holy Land before we turn 40.”

My husband is 5 years older than me.

My sister-in-law has been planning to bring my mother-in-law (her mom; my husband’s mom) to visit the Kaaba. My mother-in-law has been talking about visiting the Kaaba since I first met her, but she never got the chance to do so as my late father-in-law was not physically fit. Now that my father-in-law has passed away, she asked her daughter to bring her there.

Kaaba is no ordinary place. It is a historical place, full of spiritual and social messages. It is the hometown of our beloved Prophet Muhammad and the previous prophet was there too. It is a symbol of high status of women.

When Hajar ran up and down the hill looking for merchants to assist her and her son Ismail, Allah allowed for the creation of Zamzam Well  resulting in people to stop for drinks and later becoming the very reason of prosperity and the opening of Mecca.

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My sister-in-law texted me one day, asking me to find a good quotation for an Umra trip. I did and I gave her the quotation.

“Awesome. I wanted you guys to come along,” she said.

“I don’t think that’s possible,” I immediately replied. “But I think if it’s just my husband, we can still make effort to find the money.”

“I will pay for both of you. I need you to be there with us all.”

I was in awe when I read her reply that I stop replying and I do not know what and how to say. When I was calm enough I showed the text to my husband and he too just can’t believe what we just read.


I don’t remember when I started making du’a to Allah, but I do know each and every month we try to save some money for Umra but we end up using the money for various reasons to the extent both my husband and I decided to make effort to gather money only for Hajj, because we don’t think it’s quite possible to go there more than once.

I’ll make du’a every time I travel, every time there’s rain, every final sujood in each salah, every iftar, sahoor  every chance I know that it’s mustajaab to make du’a and I would be very specific: “Allah, please let us visit Your Holy Land before we turn 40.”

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And when we receive that offer from my sister-in-law; my husband was 39 years old! Masha Allah! Allah works His plan miraculously.

While Ramadan is a month of struggle, Ramadan is also a month of maghfirah (forgiveness).

This is not my first time I ever experience Allah granting my wish: my specific wish.

When I was 15, my teacher shared the power of du’a and suggested we make specific du’a in our own language and not to feel this and that request would be ridiculous because Allah never sees it that way and that He is The One and Only that could ever grant our wish.

And so after I heard that, I make du’a after prayer, during every final sujood of each prayer detailing that if I ever get the chance to be married, I want my husband to be educated, never misses his 5 times prayers, not fussy about food and wears glasses! Yes! That’s everything my husband is!

We have been taught specific du’a in some foreign language that we do not understand of. Some du’a are authentic, of course. But do not limit ourselves to just that du’a.

Talk to Allah! He hears you, He would not ever judge you and He would only give you the best of the best. He created us and He knows us best.

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Go make your du’a now. Be specific, will you?


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