Start your day with Bismillah

Start your day with Bismillah
(The author of the poem has give permission to do some editing especially regarding the grammar):

And now just like before,
The dawn at four,
The stars leaving all,
The big ones and even that small.

Clouds wear white,
Here’s a goodbye to another night,
Sun spreads it’s first ray,
It somehow finds the easy way.

It is all nothing but His grace.
Window sheets curl in joy,
The bright lights through my window,
Oh, the way they annoy.

I pull myself out of bed,
As I have to get my prayer mat spread,
I know prayer mat to be the place,
Where I can get all the grace.

As the sun come out red,
I help myself to milk and bread,
All praise belong to HIM alone,
Who’s up above the seven heavens,
On His majestic throne.

Only He is worthy of worship,
Trust Him in your hardship,
His mercy encompasses everything,
And I got to worry about nothing,
In Him I have believed,
Even in the rough days,
That I have lived.

Credit to @ab_tanzeem and @orphanage_helper for this poem.

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