Sri Lanka tragedy

Sri Lanka tragedy

Anyone who says the Quran advocates terrorism obviously hasn’t read its lessons on violence. Misconceptions about Islam creep in because people learn about the faith from headline news rather than from the Quran and the Prophet. Read the Quran, read a biography of Muhammad, seek out the true Islam education campaign.

Islam presents the real peace for the whole of mankind. We do not claim that Islam is the only religion which presents peace nor do we claim a monopoly on the truth. But Islam stands out because the very name of Islam literally means peace. It presents the message of peace with full clarity and profound wisdom. Islam means submission to the will and command of God and through following its teachings, people can enjoy the peace of all times.

This savagery and murder cannot be tolerated by any religion nor anyone with conscience. Islam condemn murder regardless of the victims’ religions. Our hearts goes out to the victims of the Sri Lanka tragedy and their loved ones.

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