O Ramadan, remind me about those who are suffering.

The end of Ramadan is approaching, and I am still the old me,

I tried to cry, prostrating under the shade of the mosque’s chandelier,

However I tried, I still fail. Is my heart too hard due to my sins?

Remind me, from the struggle of fasting about those who are suffering:

About the almost daily slaughter of the Palestinians & occupation of their land, while their brothers around the world look the other way,

About the strong faith of the Muslims in Xinjiang & their persecution, while being detained & brainwashed in camps,

About the kids of in Syria dreaming of their deceased parents who could cuddle them in the winter.

For their lifelong suffering, yet I complained about my life and on why it couldn’t be better.

O Allah, soften my heart in this month of blessing. Grant me with piety and true faith as a believer.

O Allah, give strength to keep believing in You, in Your promise of Paradise in the Hereafter.

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