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"I've done a lot of great sins before I revert, I feel so bad about that."
Thank you, Allah, for Your guidance.
"It goes out in the morning empty, and returns full." Just when you feel like you have nobody to depend on.
When you face a lot of hardships being a revert, keep on praying to Allah.
Feeling doubt with the trials faced after embracing Islam?
Remember that Allah is always there for you.
What more for those seeking knowledge about Islam!
All of the trials we face, being a new Muslim, is none other than to strengthen our faith. In return, our perseverance will surely be rewarded.
What about my previous good deeds before reversion to Islam? They will be counted as well, Insya Allah.
Rest assured, Allah indeed forgives the previous sins of new Muslims.
Let's be grateful that Allah grants us with His light of guidance!
Nobody could claim themselves as the most righteous. It's in the sight of Allah alone, so we don't have to be worried about people's judgement.
It's Mother's Day! But what if my mother has not reverted to Islam?
The reward is eternal Paradise! Let's keep ourselves steadfast on this Deen.
Sometimes we crossed the border. Repent to Allah and seek His forgiveness.
Don't give up in offering our repentance!