Oh Allah! Make me strong in your way

Oh Allah! Make me strong in your way
[Oh Allah! Make me strong in following Your way]

When you’ve been strong long enough,
And when everything seems tough,
Know that,
These days are just rough.

When people pretend to be kind,
And you for one aren’t blind,
When all you have on mind,
Is no more to be kind,
Just know,
That this is life in grind.
It takes you forever to be you!
So you did lose yourself,
In a moments few.
Didn’t you feel the wind that blew?

I have words to convey,
Night is yours and so is day!
You are enough to reach your goal
Just follow your beautiful soul

Life is not always the way you want,
The memories and those failures haunt,
Also, the people and their taunts.

Just wait for light,
To take you out of this plight,
Only then things shall be bright,
Things won’t change if you procrastinate,
To your Lord, just prostrate.
In that grief,
You may just find relief.

Believe in His mercy,
All the time,
He forgives even those,
Who do heinous crimes,
All it takes is a sincere heart,
For a good and pleasant re-start.

From Him we come,
To Him we return!
It’s just that simple,
You reap what you sow.

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Credit to: @ab_tanzeem, and @orphanage_helper for this beautiful poem.

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