1. Show your best, most considerate behaviour.

Think calmly – It isn’t a big deal. Don’t let the one not halal meal ruin the entire mood of the gathering, for maintaining the family bond is vital.

Avoid confronting aggressively; it would do more harm than good for you and the religion you’re representing.

Be mindful of your manners and be smart in navigating your way through the situation.

2. Give a helping hand in the kitchen.

If you’re able to do so, grab the opportunity and try to volunteer to help in the kitchen. You’re able to monitor and be sure which prepared meal contains not halal ingredients & which isn’t.

Seek opportunities to kindly suggest what meals you’d prefer to have, or offer preventive suggestions such as not adding not halal ingredients into certain meals in advance.

3. Show appreciation towards other food that is okay for you to eat.

Parents love for their children to eat heartily from their home-cooked meal.

Treat yourself to other permissible food on the table (vegetable/seafood) and show your appreciation towards them. Such kind gestures go a long way in fostering harmony, respect and understanding between two parties.


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