Lost then found, then lost again: A Muslim Revert Journey

Lost then found, then lost again:  A Muslim Revert Journey

Miserable.Confused. Lost.

“Who am I actually? A Muslim revert or a half Muslim? What am I going to do now? Why am I alone? Why is everything so hard? Who should I call? Why do I feel stuck? Is it going to be easier later?”…

Believe it or not, this is what mostly a Muslim revert will have to go through in some stage of their life after reverting to Islam. They were once lost, in one stage of their life. Not having the answers to questions like “Why are we here in this world? What are the purposes of our life? Who created us?” etc.

And then they found Islam.

All of those large questions have been answered. All of their confusions have been cleared. They finally found the one main puzzle that was once lost in their life, Allah. They found the miracles in Quran. They found happiness in following the beautiful sunnah of the prophet, and everything seems so nice, which they just feel like they have received a bouquet of roses.


But apparently, no rose is without a thorn.

Many of them will feel lost – again. Surrounded by Muslims, but no one to ask for help. Alone, in the new world, environment and community, with so many things to learn, it’s really not easy for them. The Muslims are too busy with their families and born Muslim friends, ignoring these new so-called “brother or sister”. Putting a really high expectation to these newly reverts to follow Islamic teaching, doing all the things that you, as a born Muslim has been doing since you were a kid. So is it fair for them?

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If you get to know any of the new Muslim reverts, help them. Even by being a good listener will help them a lot. Most of them don’t have families to lend an ear as to the routine difficulties their new daily life entails, such as on how hard to memorize Al-Fatihah, how hard to fast in their first Ramadan and how hard learning the Arabic letters.

Try to appreciate their efforts, be with them, give them a hand. Don’t make them feel once again lost in their yet new found world.

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