Looking beyond the Smiles: Understanding the emotional needs of the Muslim reverts

Upon saying the shahadah, many of their born Muslim brethren would ritually come to them to give their sweetest smiles, their biggest hugs and kisses while saying “MasyaAllah, you have chosen Islam. You are now our brother (or sister)!”. They will even give their contact numbers and invite the new reverts to their homes, offering help, advice, counseling etc.

That seems like a very memorable and nice moment for the revert, right?

But most of the time, it will just end there!

The reverts will most likely end up walking to their new life practically alone, to a new world, a new way of seeing things and a new journey of self discovery. Not knowing what to do and who to trust, they are just like a child wandering around in a big city, alone.

They probably will never go to the homes of other fellow Muslim, and will never get any calls from them.

For all the many people who claimed  to be their brothers and sisters, they probably end up  celebrating their eids and breaking their fast alone. Some people in the Muslim community might even consider them strangers, leaving them with  the pain of rejection. 

They have made a big decision to become a Muslim, yet many of us are unaware of their  predicament. You may sense this when you look beyond their smiles, what can you see? Think about it!

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