I’ve let something greater take the steering wheel of my life journey.

“Following my gut, I tried to change my ways. Even before saying the Shahadah in the Islamic Da’wah Centre, I followed the steps of a Muslimah. I sought advice from my Muslim friends and went on a journey of learning.

The past 4 years had been memorable for me in the sense that it signifies the few years of my journey to faith, from the epitome point of meltdown of my faith in everything and into Islam; including the non-physical but mental and subconscious struggles of it with my family and friends, especially those I’ve lost in the process…Within what seemed like just a fraction of forever.. my lifestyle had totally changed from whatever it was to the ever adventurous and meaningful life of a Muslimah.

I left my previous job and met the love of my life who not only helped in my transition but also came out to my family and friends. I got down to finally pursue my lifetime dream, and so I compiled my writings and published my first book entitled Moments of Nil  (available on Amazon.com).

I declared my Shahadah on August 29th, 2015 and married the man behind almost everything (of my new journey).  Having PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome as diagnosed in 2012), my doctors told me I would find it hard to conceive or not at all. But with prayers and by Allah (SWT) will, my husband and I had a pleasant surprise last September when we found out that our first baby is due to be born  by May 2017, In shaa’ Allah.

I finally could say I’m happy and content which was what I really wanted for all of my life. Hence, the Muslim name I chose was Farah. I’ve let something greater take the steering wheel of my life  journey… Making decisions, whilst taking the Driver’s advice.”

  • Farah Abdullah of the Philippines (slightly edited)
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