“I live and breathe Islam and I will never be able to thank our Creator enough”

Meet Eslimah. She was raised as an atheist and is a modest fashion blogger originating from Estonia, a country on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. Here’s what she said about her embrace of Islam:

“In a country of 1.3 million people, of which Muslims make up merely 0.14%. No mosque. No halal food. And close to zero tolerance towards religions.  Somehow, by God’s mercy, I found Allah. For some reason, out of the billions who are wandering blindly, Allah chose me.”

She took her shahada on the 14th of May 2011 and was among a group of 12 people who were ready to declare their faith:

“ (The) 2 of us declared ‘Laa ilaaha illa Allah’ one by one, one after the other. And each and every single life changed.”

She struggled to find her place in Islam and expressing her new identity as a Muslim in a counrty that is hostile to any religion.

“Of course I struggle, will always continue to struggle, just like anybody else. But now I have God, and it’s a different kind of struggle. I now have the everlasting comfort of knowing that everything will be OK.” 

“God defines me. God defines my worth. I live and breathe Islam and I will never be able to thank Our Creator enough. If you found Him, then you have found everything, but if you lose Him, then you have lost everything.  Just love Him, for you will never find anyone more worthy of your love than He.”

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Credit to instagram.com/eslimah and the-faith.com

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