We have been trying hard to remain steadfast. We are in the dire need of strength and are running out of options to seek help.

At one point in our lives, we asked: Is Allah giving up on me?

We have embraced Islam but somehow, as time goes by, we noticed that people are leaving us; to the extent of feeling like we are hung out to dry, left to fend for our own self.

Surviving our daily life is not easy. We have to make a decision at every intersection, with no information as our resource and no one by our side to guide us.

When we realise that the outcome is not as expected, we fall into despair, sometimes blaming Allah for letting us “turn” into the wrong direction.

Our hearts then rebel by asking questions. We whisper to ourselves:

“Isn’t this religion meant for guidance? Isn’t our life supposed to be much better under the surveillance of Allah?”


Has Allah left me alone? Be comforted by the fact that Allah answered His Prophet, “No, I’ve not”.

Our beloved — and the universe’s beloved — Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (PBUH), faced such situations too and upon feeling sad, Allah sent down His calming words:

“By the morning brightness, and by the night when it is stillest: your Lord has not forsaken you, nor has He displeased (with you).” (Quran 93:1-3)

Some of us might already be familiar with the chapter of Dhuha (the 93rd chapter) in the Quran — with Dhuha meaning the morning brightness. Thus, you might want to observe the underlying message in this chapter and shift your paradigm; for this chapter was sent down to cheer our Prophet (PBUH) during his moments of despair and distress.

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The Prophet (PBUH) bore a great responsibility on his shoulder — he was tasked with sharing and spreading the message of Islam to his people and to all mankind. During his time of prophethood, he met with all types of people: teenagers, women, slaves, businessmen, date farmers, as well as tribe leaders.

However, the opposition he faced was greater than the support he received. All he had to keep him going was his faith in Allah as well as the revelation from Allah that was sent down from time to time.

But all of a sudden, the revelation stopped coming for a while. It became a worrisome situation for the Prophet (PBUH).

One might wonder, “Really, it stopped? With all those challenges faced by the Prophet (PBUH), how then did he find the strength to keep on persevering in his path?” The non-believers were in joy, saying, “Muhammad has been left alone.” Even one of the women mocked him,

“Your devil (she was referring to the Angel Gabriel that brought down the revelation to the Prophet) has left you.”

The wife of the Prophet (PBUH) herself was anxious but after some time has passed, Allah sent down His revelation to comfort and cheer up the Prophet: wake up, look at the sunshine and let the darkness fade away.

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Allah does not hate you. His trials and tribulations, in fact, strengthen you.

The rest of the chapter of Dhuha brought good news to the Prophet (PBUH).

Allah convinced him that the Hereafter and the rewards awaiting there are better for him than this temporary world (from Quran 93:4). And because of that, the Prophet (PBUH) persevered in his path of challenges.

The opposition of the non-believers was indeed hurtful, but his task was to share the message of Islam and call them to the righteous way. That was the Prophet’s (PBUH) task and it was only up to Allah to choose whomsoever He wants to bestow His light of guidance.

Our life will be full of ups and downs, the former will turn us into servants who are thankful to Allah while the latter serves as an opportunity for us to improve our understanding of the deen and prove our faith in Allah. This worldly life is meant for that.

Examinations and tests exist to strengthen the understanding of the students on what they have learned.

Not a single trying circumstance is meant to bring us down: it is meant to fortify our relationship with Allah, to solidify our faith in Him, to nurture patience and trust in Him so that with these blooming qualities, our ranks are raised in the sight of Allah.

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Striving until Jannah

If we were to maintain our steadfastness until the end of time, Allah promises us great rewards in the Hereafter.

Be assured that the outcome later would be the best for us, as He is the All-Knowing and All-Compassionate.

Allah gave His assurance that He would provide and replenish everything the Prophet (PBUH) would need until he became content and satisfied. As proof, didn’t He gave shelter and refuge to the Prophet (PBUH), for when he was an orphan?

Didn’t He give guidance to the Prophet (PBUH) when he lost his steps? Didn’t He know that the Prophet was in need that He made him self-sufficient? (from Quran 93:5-8)

Mind you, these lessons in the Quran are meant for us too. Be relieved that Allah will keep on showering us with His Blessings and guidance, whether we realise it or not.

Have faith in Him, keep on offering Du’as and walk through our difficulties calmly, knowing that Allah is always there for us and with us.

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