Allah makes an Offer of Superb Privileges to Those Accepting Islam that Born Muslims will Envy Them!

Accepting a new religion when you were born in a different one is an immense challenge. But it doesn’t mean you are or will be at a disadvantage.

Conversion to Islam is also referred to by a lot of Muslims as a reversion, a returning to the right, original path. Islam connotes that each one of us is born with the Fitra : the state of possessing a natural, inner  sense of devout or religious disposition that recognises and acknowledges the existence of God. 

The working of multiple socio-cultural factors, including the family we’re born into, then takes effect in determining and shaping our subsequent faith, whether we will stay on the Fitra aka the right path or we’ll deviate to others’.

“No baby is born but upon ‘Fitra’. It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist.” Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Sahih Muslim, Book 46, Hadith 37).

This Hadith is also in line with our forgotten declaration before Allah to submit to none but Him, prior to being born into this world.

“And (mention) when your Lord took from the children of Adam — from their loins — their descendants and made them testify of themselves, (saying to them), “Am I not your Lord?” 

They said, “Yes, we have testified.” (This) — lest you should say on the day of Resurrection, “Indeed, we were of this unaware.” (al-Quran 7:172).

In navigating our journey in this life seeking the truth, some of us may finally discover the way back home to Allah. But you’re still in doubt as to whether this is what you’re looking for all this while.

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Accepting Islam: Allah is so delighted to have you back!

“Verily, Allah is more pleased with the repentance of His slave than a person who has his camel in a waterless desert carrying his provision of food and drink and it is lost. 

He, having lost all hope (to get that back), lies down in the shade and is disappointed about his camel; when all of a sudden he finds that camel standing before him.” Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Recorded by Muslim)

Imagine a traveller losing his camel in the desert and after it has long gone, the dearest camel finally returns to him! 

This analogy illustrates how pleased Allah is to have you back on board.

If you’re in doubt in taking the next step to accept Islam, how about recalling all the challenges you have managed to face in your life journey seeking the truth, and all the steps you have successfully taken to break down the obstacles in  finding it. 

They were never futile, for they were there for a good reason. And Allah has guided you through each one of them for you to reach this moment.

Allah makes an offer of privileges to a Muslim convert that you would not want to turn down

No parents will not be taken with overjoy when their children returned home; what more for those who haven’t returned for a period. Their room will be tidied up, and their favourite meals will be prepared.

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To celebrate you returning home, Allah offers you a clean slate. Even better, it is not the ordinary ‘brand new start’ or a blank sheet. Instead, you are allowed to bring along all the good deeds from your past  and leave behind all the misdeeds you regret.

1. Allah forgives you completely if you are determined to stay away from disbelief:

“Say to those who have disbelieved (that) if they cease (from being a disbeliever), what has previously occurred will be forgiven for them. But if they return (to hostility) – then the precedent of the former (rebellious) people has already taken place.” (al-Quran 8:38).

2. Allah wipes your previous misdeeds:

When the Companion, Amru bin al-As wanted to accept Islam, he laid the condition of being granted a pardon if he were to pledge his allegiance to Islam. Prophet Muhammad PBUH replied to him:

“Are you not aware of the fact that Islam wipes out all previous (misdeeds)? Verily migration wipes out all past (misdeeds).” Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Sahih Muslim, Book 1, Hadith 228) .

3. Your previous good deeds are carried forward:

“If a person accepts Islam, such that his Islam is good, Allah will decree reward for every good deed that he did before, and every bad deed that he did before will be erased.” Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Sahih, Sunan al-Nasa’i, Book 47, Hadith 14).

4. Your future good deeds are multiplied many times over:

“(continued from the previous Hadith above) … Then after that will come the reckoning; each good deed will be rewarded ten times up to seven hundred times. And each bad deed will be recorded as it is unless Allah — the Mighty and Sublime — forgives it.” Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Sahih, Sunan al-Nasa’i, Book 47, Hadith 14)

Okay, you may want some time to take all these offers into your consideration. But before anything else, we want  you to know that we are ecstatic about welcoming you to the family!

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